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Very large and mature trees may bring about safety concerns at home and in the neighborhood. Whatever your reasons for large tree removal in Miami, OK, Cooks Tree Service has the equipment and expertise to do the job well. We can take down the tree in question, eliminate the stump that remains, and pull up the roots.

Several types of situations may require the services of our tree removal company. If trees are blocking sunlight from reaching your house, they can encourage mold growth on the siding and inside. Our professional tree removal can cost-effectively fix the problem.

Limbs that extend too close to the house or hang over your roof are at risk of falling in a severe storm and extensively damaging your property. Large but weaker trees in the yard may also fall in strong winds and severe storms, posing a risk to people and property. Our hazardous tree removal can deal with the problem in a timely manner.

We professionally carry out stump removal and stump grinding to leave your yard looking neat. We have the right equipment, including mechanical grinders and skid steer grapples, for the removal of tree stumps that are solidly planted in place and have deep and expansive root systems that are hard to remove using simple methodology.

We take personal safety in tree service very seriously. Our tree climbers are well-trained and equipped to safely reach very tall trees, such as 90-foot pines, and remove the unwanted tree parts. When there are dangers, such as trees extending too close to power lines, we expertly access targeted parts and remove them without ugly incidents.

Reach out to us at Cooks Tree Service for help with safe and cost-effective large tree removal. We also have unrivaled expertise in mature tree landscaping!

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